Resident Evil Degeneration

  • Feb. 15th, 2009 at 9:41 PM
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OMFG! LOVES IT! This is what a Resident Evil film is MEANT TO BE LIKE! YES! JUST YES! I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR INSISTENCE THAT THIS FILM IS FULL OF CHEESE. I DO NOT. I have seen it TWICE within the past 3 & 1/2 hours and it is GLORIOUS in all it CHEESE-TASTICS! The dialogue is kind of awful, there are enough holes to deem it swiss cheese, but I don't care because it is what a ZOMBIE film is meant to be like. It is especially awesome because there are GUNS, SHOOTING, BODY PARTS FLYING and physical acts that BREAKS every law of physics. In other words it is Resident Evil the way it is meant to be. My very being loves it at the fundamental level. The noises I made when Claire and Leon entered the scene. OMFG! LOVES THEM SO VERY MUCH! And Leon says the EXACT same thing he said to Claire the first time they met up.

Oh, nostalgia.

Residental Evil: Apocalypse

  • Oct. 23rd, 2004 at 12:28 AM
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Saw Resident Evil: Apocalypse today. Bah, I say. Far inferior than the first RE film. See, I can deal with different plotlines from the video game, but I can't deal with crap directing.

Alice in the first movie was likable, nice, and really cool. Alice in this movie is bah. Too much posing and not enough content. The directing was pretty shoddy, the action scenes over the top, and while I can deal with over the top action sequences (LOVE THEM!) the obvious crap cherography made me want to grind my teeth. Though Jovovich is still hot. Jill Valentine came across as a hard nosed slut (not impressed), but at least they got the outfit right! (the BOOTS!) but her hair was absolutely dreadful. Jill had nice, soft, smooth hair, not hair with enough gel in it that it doesn't move. And when did Jill ever smoke? Carlos was ok.

The first film was much better because it didn't try to be anything it was not. It was a survival horror movie, deal. The action scenes were short and didn't go for over the top sequences that the director couldn't handle. Thus, fight scenes were effective. Special effects wasn't over done, thus, making it that more impressive when they did use it. It was fun and it was true to the game, which made it that much more fun. The second felt like they were making things up as they went along, and while it was pretty (posing by the actors in supposedly cool stunts that did nothing to the plot, and in fact made it less 'real') and they got the set perfect, the bad directing just screws up the whole thing. I went from loving Alice's character to wanting to shoot her myself, and that's never a good sign.

Just proves that bigger budget doesn't mean a good film.


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