Domestic karma

  • Aug. 4th, 2008 at 8:43 PM
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Domestic appliances hate me.

The light bulb of my bed side lamp decided to explode on me today. The explosion was close enough to my face that my ears are still ringing, and I had to remove little light bulb shards from my right eyebrow. Thank the gods for my glasses because it could have potentially being ugly. Spent the past 30 minutes or so vacuuming the carpet, airing my bed sheets and attempting to remove all light bulb shards.

So, that’s one exploding light bulb, setting the stove on fire twice, an exploding bottle of tomato paste and an exploding/smoking TV. See, domestic appliances hate me.

I believe in Karma

  • Apr. 2nd, 2004 at 8:05 AM
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Okay, I believe in Karma. Yesterday was a shit day, but in the evening I went out with mum to a restaurant in the City. It was a mass dinner thing held by the Oriental Post. There were approx. 300 Asians, all of whom were Mandarin speakers. Around 70% of them were over the age of 40. There was Karaoke, which played songs that were 30+ years old, and we got the table with a family of four who did nothing expect play with their pretty, and obviously expensive mobile phones.

It was FUN!

I'm not kidding, I like old Chinese music, I have hundreds of cds, and tapes (well, they are mum's) of music that are like 40 years old. So, music wise, happiness ^_^ Food wasn't half bad, and they gave us ALCOHOL! Yes, yummy alcohol that made me very happy. And, and, and, mum and I won a DVD-player! It's so thin, and so shiny. So yeah, not a bad night a all. Free booze, free food, free entertainment of people embarrassing themselves dancing and singing, but obviously having a good time ^_^

Yes, I believe in Karma.

Though, a few things I learned at the dinner party.

Becoming one with the furniture. The family of four didn't even register me. I was part with the furniture.

I was sitting between mum and a friend of hers. Having two 40+ Asian women gossiping at your chest level while eating food takes practice.

Alcohol makes everything better.

Never come between a 40-yr-old Asian woman and the chicken. Ever. It can only lead to tears.

If you repeat to yourself long and often enough that you want to win the DVD-player, it will happen.


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My mobile have had a revival. After almost a week of not working, it is suddenly full of yellow neon light again. It survived the ill-placed 1-liter-bottle of water that was spilled all over it.

This saves me approx $100.00 of re-placement or fixing fee. The naanima is very happy. Karma seem to be working in her favour as of late. I shine with goodness and happiness.

And yeah, I'm sort of nursing a hangover. Nothing major, just this dull ache that could be easily attributed to the caffeine withdrawal as much as the alcohol. [ profile] londobell, I had more alcohol when I got home yesterday. So, total count; I had a glass of beer, and some bourbon at your place, and approx. a shot (okay, maybe two shots) of whiskey with dad yesterday. It was good, I was happy.

And now I shall drawn in the mocha goodness and study for Abnormal Psych.

(Also, Dynasty Warriors is addictive crack. Really addictive. I think when londobell finally finish with it, I shall be joining the ranks of DW nuts).
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Forgot my mobile yesterday, forgot my glasses and my wallet today. There's something Karma-ish about the whole forgetting thing. It amuses me. The fact I'm pretty much blind without my glasses really amuses me.

Hmm, I think I'm still recovering from Saturday and Sunday. Will get much more needed sleep tonight.

But enough about sleep and such, I went and got Peace Maker 5&6, I've read Peace Maker 5&6. Annnnnd OMG, it ROCK. The series is AWESOME! Souji Okita KICKS major arse! The fight scene, oh WOW, gods, it was just intense and REAL. [ profile] perseid WHERE ARE YOU? I NEED someone to rave with, where are YOU?!

That's it. I'm making a Peace Maker site! [ profile] perseid I hope you're listening, 'cos I'm dragging you and anyone else who likes Peace Maker (and living in Perth) into this. Beware, for I have mission *laughs*


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