May. 10th, 2005

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I'm FREE (for today anyway). The assignment of doomy, doomy, doom is FINSIHED! mwahahahabwahahahahaha. Tomorrow, I deal with maths! I hate maths, but it is not going to stop me dammit. I will conquer differentials in the context of Economics. One day.

I want to watch Bleach and Tsubasa.

In my spare time (half an hour before bed) I've been reading Posion Elves and Vorkosigan interchangeably. It is screwing with my mind. I don't want to think about Luciphur in space. Luciphur; space pirate. Chat to the Hell-Jester in his head over mead and cake, perve at his ex-wife at the Winter Ball, and exchange flirtations with his side kick Jace. It is getting damn crowded here.

My new wallpaper is a gif file of Gir doing his little dance. It is mesmerising.

I want more Angel.
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Naruto 237... hmm, actually saw that one coming.

What do you mean Sasuke?... Jiriya need to get hit, and 'Let's do the Time Warp Again! )

If you think about it Orochimaru would make a really good Dr. Frank-N-Furter. I can practically see him saying, "a sweet transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania," and my brain keep on whispering to me that Sasuke would make a good Janet.

I confess, I just want to see them do the 'Time Warp Again'.

Random PoT thoughts

  • Jun. 9th, 2004 at 10:31 AM
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So, in between taking notes for Legal Framework, I started thinking about PoT, and one question that I've been meaning to ask popped up.

Let's assume that Seigaku wins against Rikkai, does it mean that Rikkai have no chance of entering the Nationals? Didn't Rikkai win the Nationals last year (I really need to check up the detail)? And if that's the case, doesn't it mean Rikkai automatically have a spot in the Nationals? I mean they are seeded as the National Number 1, right?

'Cos you know, I really, really, really WANT Rikkai to win (they want to win for Yukimura, and that's just so much more meaningful than winning for a captain who damaged his shoulder). Or at least makes it to the Nationals. Hell, in my deluded little mind I'm still holding a candle for Fudomine and Hyotei ending up in the Nationals. It doesn't need to make sense (god knows a lots of PoT at times doesn't make sense), I just want it somehow to happen.

My perfect ending for Prince of Tennis would be Seigaku, with Tezuka (left shoulder healed) entering the Nationals. The end.

No, I'm serious. I don't want to see what happens in the Nationals. I just want to know that they made it. And if this is the anime, I want the credit rolling with shots of Seigaku and the other rival schools of what happened after the Nationals.
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So, after reading certain comments made by [ profile] pertronia I have come to the conclusion that in Prince of Tennis there's a somewhat set level of progress in Tennis Evolution. That is, one must become SuperSaiyajin (completely enraged, and bouncebounce) before one can become EyesClosedZenMaster (this is sort of self-explanatory) Tennis players. Except, Fuji being the Genius that he is has skipped the SuperSaiyajin level and gone straight to EyesClosedZenMaster (more like blind).

Of course, this post can only be seen to be correct once the winner is decided between Fuji and the Elf (who I'm currently finding very hard to dislike. Oh what the hell, the Elf is pretty awesome, like really, really awesome).

Ryouma can look PO'd, and all cast members can do an impression of a fish.

[EDIT: And I have juat realised how much this entry make me sound like I'm on something... but that's PoT manga for you. It's the crack, the crack.]


Crack x-over ROD/Saiyuki

  • Mar. 25th, 2004 at 12:04 PM
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No rival rant. I lied, I'm horrible, but this is really interesting. While commenting to [ profile] petronia, and having her reply back to me I have come to the solid conclusion that the cast for the 'Read or Die' anime series is the reincarnation of the Saiyuki cast.

Nenene = Sanzo
Michelle = Gojou
Maggie = Hakkai
Anita = Goku

And Yumiko guest stars as the previous Sanzo (whose name I can never remember, too many people in 'Saiyuki' has names that begins with 'K'). If you can't see this, you're obviously not a fangirl who psychoanalyse every single scene in a manga/anime.

I also have this sneaky suspicion that Joker-san is Nii-sensei, because I can so see Nii messing with people's minds by reincarnating as a blond, polite, tweed wearing librarian with questionable motives. Honest.

And to father the crack.

The boy with the long blue hair who shoots people and enrolled in Anita's class has to be Kougaiji. Think about it. Just think.

And now I really need to see more of 'ROD' anime to make more connections. I have a mission. Fear me.


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I don't like AU fanfiction. When I say AU I mean fanfiction where the author place the characters in another time/place/fantasy/different Universe with new pasts, new names, new identities. For example, the GW fandom seems to be the most prominent in the production of this type of AU, the boys lives in Medieval/fantasy setting where they are priests, magicians, warriors, blah, blah, or they are your normal average teenagers with normal average problems set in present day, etc., etc.

I don't like these fanfiction because the author ultimately changes the characters' past and everything that made them who they are. I'm a sole believer that the only thing separating one person from another is their experience (okay, their biological predisposition also plays a part, but these predispositions will mostly occur when people are living in an environment where it allows these predispositions to develop), thus, by changing a characters' experience, or what has happened in CANON, you are in effect making a completely different person, where the only thing that is recognizable is the characters names. Thus, you might as well be writing original fiction.

When I read fanfiction I want to read about the CANON characters involved in adventures with ALL of the CANON experience and memories that made them who they are. I don't want to read fanfiction where the only thing that is similar to my loved characters is the way they look and their names. For example, I like reading post-series fanfiction, which I know is classified as AU by some, these fanfiction I like because the characters are still themselves with all the memories of what has happened to them in the past (i.e. during the series), they act accordingly to what happened to them, or at least act in a way that is similar to ways similar to past actions.

In conclusion, no, this is not an attack on people who write this type of AU or people who like reading them; it is just a statement on my own personal taste. Okies, I think that's enough ranting on my part.
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Disclaimer. The following is from [ profile] baka_neko and should not be mistaken for anyone else.

I want to eat her brain. That, or get some of that crack she's on.

...He's got the hair for it, except it would need Okita to sneak in his bedroom late at night after drugging his tea and dying his hair pink. Though Suzu, being skinnier, would only require a wig and a padded bra to play Utena on LSD. But Hijikata does have a must-protect-Okita kind of complex.

Other even more cracked speculations: Okita as THE BRIDE. If you took roses out of the equation, he could play the gay version of Kill Bill quite well, methinks. Invert gender of practically every character in the movie (except for nameless flunkies, nobody cares what their names are, much less their gender) and you could have a...well, you could have Kill Bill with a gay cast instead of a lesbian one.

Actually, I was thinking that if the Shinsengumi boys ever went into kabuki, Okita would have fun camping around as an onnagata, since wimmen weren't allowed onstage.

And she's indeed right. There was indeed sub-text of lesbian relationships in Kill Bill. *snicker*

cracked: casting, casting

  • Nov. 12th, 2003 at 3:00 PM
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Okita = Anthy (Rose Bride... I'm a bit weary of this one)
Hijitaka = Utena (he bring flowers)
Suzu = Akio (MAN-SLUT!! pikapika)

Blame the [ profile] baka_neko.

Come and contribute.

(and [ profile] perseid, who would be your perfect toy-boy?)


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