Sandman and its fans

  • Mar. 31st, 2003 at 3:13 PM
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It's always slightly strange when people begin to like a series long after your passion for it have dulled (not that you love the series any less). Having said that, it's always a rush to meet another Sandman fan. When you suddenly gush about the Endless, they gush with you, without the annoying moment of you trying to explain to them; who and what the Endless are (and sprouting way more information than a person can handle in one minute), and when you mourn Orpheus they nod in sympathy, and gush some more about the reasons of Dream's action, and then mourn some more over Dream *sniffles*. It's great, it's like two former crack addicts getting the fix they've been wanting without realising they've been craving for it in the first place ^__^ (obsessed? Gee, what made you think that?).

I love Sandman. After all these years (read it for the first time in year 10, and that was six years ago... damn, I'm old) I still have to read certain volumes of the series from beginning to end. So, it really shouldn't be surprising that I stayed up till 2am in the morning re-reading Brief Lives, The Kindly Ones, The Wake, and Seasons of Myst, despite the fact that I was feeling queasy and sick. Hmm, on second thought, it's probly b'cos of my illness that I stayed up so late, sleep just kept on escaping me after the two hour nap *sniffles*

But back to Sandman. I return to the series at least twice a year (one day, I'll buy all ten volumes instead of borrowing them from the library and not returning them until the librarians send the death threats, it's a promise). And every time I re-read the series I find little gems of fact that I had missed on all my previous readings (that, or my memory have suffered much more that I thought it had).

Let me tell you why I love Sandman, it made me think outside of my box, it made me sad over chocolate people making love before dying, it made me scared of people wearing sun glasses (they, of course, have to be jeans-clad and staying at 'Cereal'-Conventions), it made me love Seven Anthropomorphic personifications of all living things. It made me love Dream (an act that should have been harder than it is, the man can be a git); at his most arrogant, at his most cruel, and even at his most melodramatic-sententimental-romantic mood, because despite his faults (and they are many) I'm more Dream's than any of the other Endless'. And the list goes on and on, but I'm tired, and need to do work, so, let's just say I Iove Sandman, I love it to pieces, and profess my eternal adoration to the series.

Really, when you come down to it, the entry is just an advertisement for the series ^__^ So, to all those people out there who haven't read Sandman yet, go and buy, or go and borrow. Your local library (or one near you) should have most of series in stock. Hopefully. If certain indviduals have not stolen volumes of it from the shelves (bastards. I can't beleive they beat me to the act).


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