Sentai shows - Kamen Rider Kabuto

  • Jun. 16th, 2008 at 8:40 AM
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I have a pretty long history with sentai shows in one form or another. My first memory of a life-action sentai show was when I was 5. The series was about a group pilots that time travelled to the past when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Each of them piloted a dinosaur robot, and they can form to become a bigger robot. There were Evil Aliens, a blonde Alien Princess, explosions, people getting hurt, and on one memorable occasion a main character dying in a horrible fashion to save the day. I laughed and cried bucket loads. If people in the Western world’s introduction to sci-fi was Star Wars and Star Trek, my introduction to sci-fi was about a group of people who fought Giant Dinosaur Robots from Outer Space. People got hurt, died and the bad guys weren’t so bad at the end. At 5 it was fucking glorious.

Throughout the years I have managed to watch a crap load of Ultraman, Kamen Rider and other sentai shows, and will always give a new sentai show my attention and time. So when[ profile] velithya passed me the first 18 episodes of Kamen Rider Kabuto on Saturday I had to watch it.

Presently, I have finished watching the 18 episodes... well, kind of. Through the years I have formed a certain habit when watching Japanese sentai shows can be summed up in two words “fast forward”. It was how I managed to finish watching the other Kamen Rider shows, I think the last one I watched was Kamen Rider Agito.

Tendou is brilliant, a dork but a brilliant dork whose main goal in life is not to have the world revolve around him so much as to be the Master of Cooking. What I would give to see him on Iron Chief. I’m so glad his hair got better as the series progressed. Kagami bounces back and forth between OK to stupid. But alas he is likable enough. Though I’m pretty sure he’s going to get an awesome suit of some sort later on in the series.

I like Daisuke because I have a major soft spot for womanising males who really aren't womanising at all. And his relationship with Gon makes me into goo.

I think I have watched so much of the other Kamen Rider series and other Asian television (sentai shows, dramas, comedies, idol groups making their own FANSERVICE television series and so forth) that the inherent slash within the series doesn’t make much of an impression. I mean they are not hugging each other all the time or pretend kissing, or even having inappropriate touching of one another while sitting next to each other. Thus, the ghei so far has been rather disappointing and lacking.

Knowing my Kamen Rider shows (and other sentai shows) there will be much h/c later on, and at some point Tendou is going to get his ass handed to him for real. That or his evil twin or his Worm clone will appear; be all evil, have a change of heart, gets tortured horribly and then dies heroically while saving the day. Or something. Also like other Kamen Rider series I bet you that there will be 2 factions within the Worm; one good, one bad, most likely the good provided the humans with the Kamen Rider technology. I’m waiting for the plot line when the ‘bad’ worm decides to become ‘good’ and be a human. However, because the Japanese like their pathos and melodrama, more than likely the ‘good’ worm will die in a manner that is horribly tragic. Oh, I bet that the bad-turned-good-worm is also a love interest. It is always the case.

In conclusion; pretty actors, yay! But nothing new in the Kamen Rider series.

Antique Bakery Live Action

  • Apr. 3rd, 2006 at 8:06 AM
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So, um, uh, kind of sleep-deprived.

In between studying for mid-semesters, preparing for tutorials, and doing research for assignments (racked up over 15+ hours of Uni-work during the weekend, go me!) I have also fast forwarded (yes, the fast forward button is my friend because I don’t have time to watch something in full) my way through the Antique Bakery television drama. The obvious attempt to take out the ghei is hilarious mainly because they still left the subtext, as in ‘meaningful stares’ and there was a kiss (kind of – the only kiss for the entire series, I think, and of course it would be between 2 of the male characters). In conclusion, like most J-drama (the comedy ones), it was fun and light hearted, and I’ll need to watch it again ‘cos I skipped like ¾ of the entire series. Furthermore, I couldn’t stop drooling at the cakes.

Also saw 2 FULL episodes of Dragon Sakura (or something). It is the same category as GTO and Gokusen except less extreme than GTO and better than the Gokusen live drama. They have ACTUAL study tips (the working kind,) and I suspect after the series even I can get into TOUDAI! *SPARKLES*

OK, class now, more detailed update possibly later.
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My mind is in the gutter today. I'm in neck deep... perhaps deeper. By all right there shouldn't be any possible way one can attach innuendos to Asian soapies. Apparently my mind thinks differently. Everything seem to be leading to smut. Bad brain, bad.

I feel the urge to make webpages. Lots and lots of useless web pages that I'm never going to upload because I'm beyond lazy when it comes to uploading content to said web sites. Also have the urge to re-read Conflict of Interest, thinking of harassing Madamhydra about chapter 8. I have been waiting for over 5 years now for the complete version of chapter 8.

Overall, I feel strange, out of it... hmm, alcohol sound good.

Need to burn cds. Need to burn a lots of cds.


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