Spring Clearning

  • Mar. 11th, 2007 at 11:27 PM
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I just spent the last couple of hours cleaning my room (yes, I know it is after 11pm, thanks for noticing). There are many upside to this - I now know where my missing books went, have found more stationary than I'll ever use, and I am reminded once more that I have the biggest bedroom in my house. For those who are interested, the last time I cleaned my room was back sometime in August last year. It isn't like I leave food to rot or anything - it's just a build up of paper/books, dvds/cds and clothes. Now if only I can fall asleep all will be well with my world.

My 20" wide LCD monitor still makes me giddy. I hope to never get over it.

moving furniture

  • Apr. 16th, 2004 at 5:50 PM
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Moving a 2mx2m table can be a health hazard.

Mother and I decided that I needed a bigger desk for the computer in my room. We decided that the 2x2m desk in the study room was perfect. Before we could move the desk, there was much measuring to see if my room can hold the said table so I can keep my Queen size bed, the cabinet holding the television and the VCR, and the one meter wide makeup-table-thing with the HUGE mirror. We measured, it fit. Then we found we were mistaken. There was much argument on whose fault it was.

What made it worse was the bloody effort it took to move the bloody desk. We had to unscrew the five legs from the desk (and screw it back on), and the fact that the desk is shaped like a 'L' made the moving experience that much more interesting.

Anyways, after much fidgeting, shoving, and putting things where they are not meant to, we succeeded. Yeah. But fuck, next time I'm re-measuring everything THREE times, and I'm not moving the bloody desk ever again.


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