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  • Apr. 23rd, 2007 at 8:43 PM
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Hot Fuzz - awesome film, go and watch it. Created by the same people (Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright) who brought us Shaun of the Dead. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are hilarious as usual, and Pegg’s talent to go from Mr. Nice Guy to Mr. Drill Sergeant forever amazes me. You can tell that Wright & Pegg learned from Shaun of the Dead - the directing is sharper, the script funnier, and the horror that much more real and stomach turning. I am amazed at the level of energy the film manages to maintain - never letting go with the humour nor intensity of events. The film pokes fun at every American cop film/show made in the past three decade. I mean, do you remember Point Break? (I do, because when I was 11/12 I went through a Patrick Swayze phase, and saw everything he was ever in – yes, it included those television American War serials, shut up! If you are a girl you did too!). In a good way, it is the type of poking fun that can be only achieved by someone who truly loves the genera. Beyond the dense visual of the film, the other thing that you should pay special attention to is the sound track. There is a scene near the beginning where our protagonist is traveling – the different and distinctive sound is pretty damn amazing.

An extract from At The Movies.
London police constable Nicholas Angel, played by SIMON PEGG, doesn’t have much of a life but he’s a highly efficient policeman – so efficient, in fact, that he makes all the other cops look bad. So his superiors, BILL NIGHY, MARTIN FREEMAN, STEVE COOGAN, promote him to Sergeant but send him off to the little West Country village of Sandford where they figure he won’t do much harm. The Sandford Police Force, led by Inspector Butterman, (JIM BROADBENT), are a pretty laid back lot and turn a blind eye to such things as drink driving and underage drinking. But then the local lawyer and his mistress, who are acting in an amateur play, are beheaded – just the start of a series of murders the intrepid Sgt. Angel and his enthusiastic off-sider Danny, (NICK FROST), have to investigate.

Also, both PETER JACKSON and CATE BLANCHET makes uncredited guest appearance in the film. Both of whom I did not spot – I had to google because it was driving me crazy that I could not place one of the female actors who did not get credited.

And because I want to - BY THE POWER OF GREY SKULL!


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