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And this is why we should never stop talking about the hard topics. It is not about skin colour or religious beliefs, it is about never letting what happened before happen again, it is about being human.
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I have been avoiding (internalizing over) the Yuletide controversy because when it comes to issues of race I react rather than act. On a personal level it is also very difficult for me to say something when I know that more than likely I will end up hurt and angry, and honestly I don’t want the grief.

Except – except it has been several days and some amazing, beautiful and truthful things have been said, and some truly awful, disgusting and wrong things have been stated. And I want to have something intelligent, something monumental to say except I don’t because I can’t understand how so much anti-semitic sentiments has arose from it.

I just can’t understand how people can go blindly ahead hurting other people. To assume that when someone who is not of the majority sees something wrong in the depiction of the minority (or lack of depiction) they are said to be just ‘overly-sensitive’ or have a ‘chip on their shoulder’ is insulting and hurtful.

It makes me hurt and angry because when I tell people how something makes me feel uncomfortable, I’m trusting in that person to at least take the time and effort to understand me and not dismiss my views and opinions. I don’t expect people to agree with me, but I would like them to respect me enough that they would consider my views rather than just dismissing them.

To summarise - [ profile] chopchica does a links round up of the Yuletide controversy. Also, [ profile] em_h’s post on the subject as a semi-professional Christian in many ways sums up what I think of western racism.

And that’s that.


  • Oct. 19th, 2007 at 5:07 PM
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USA - Here follow some US-specific facts and cultural references that non-USians are expected to know..

Something I have wanted to verbalise for a very long time but couldn't because I'd just come across as a raving lunatic. I'm Australian, but I was born in China. I lived there and then in Ireland during my formative years. So yes, word to everything on the list.

Especially number 6 & 10.


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