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  • Apr. 3rd, 2003 at 8:58 PM
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There are certain types of characters and themes in stories that I'm more attached to than others. Lead characters and the fulfillment of their dreams/quest/hopes are one re-occuring theme that I fall for everytime (given that the writing is good). It's the chance to see the young heroes change, to see them mature that lures me to their stories.

In other words, it isn't the destination, but the journey and its effect on the hero that I'm fascinated with. You see, at the beginning the young hero will be brash, often obnoxious, although still kind. Above all, he MUST have a dream, a hope that he want more than anything else in life. So he go out into the real world to achieve this dream. And that's when the fun begin ^__^

Perhaps it's destiny, perhaps it's their sheer will and charisma, whatever it amy be people will come to them for inspiration, for protection. And the hero will help, because he's the sort of guy whom you'd give your life too, because he sure will give up his life for you. And really, he has.

I want to see them experience new things, meet lasting friends and know suffering. People they love will die, people they trust will betray them, and sometime the two are the same. I want to see the experience change them; make them harder, colder, and more ruthless. They'll kill, not because they want to but because they have to, lives depend on him, and sacrifices have to be made. Yet, despite the changes, they are still kind, and much more forgiving than they should be, but that's why I love them in the first place.

And after the dust have settled, and the evil have been vanquished, and the people that can be saved have been saved, he will be offered power, recognition, a chance to rule. All the things that he had wanted before the adventure began, but it won't do anymore, he has changed, he have experienced loss, and instead of giving them a formal answer, he'll sneak away into the sunset without telling anyone.

The young boy has matured beyond his years, and the experience he has gained on his journey has changed him forever from that brash youth into someone sadder, and so much more dangerous. After all he has done, after all that he has experienced, all he want is to live in peace, to live in annoymousity.

So, I want tales of change, of innocence to maturity tainted by sadness, love, and the experience of a gruelling quest. I don't want the endings of heroes living as kings ruling his country. I want an ending where the hero leaves behind the petty squabbling, the rule of a land and take on a journey to see the world, to experience new things, to live. And maybe with him will be one of his companions that accompanied him on the quest, someone who understand him, someone who loves him for who he is; not the hero, but the person, someone who will journey with him through the lands, a companion until his dying day.

That is the type of story I want to read.


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