Fullmetal Alchemis Season 2

  • Apr. 9th, 2009 at 6:36 PM
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OK, just saw the first episode of Fullmetal Alchemis season 2. Um, you know how sometime you don't realise just how much you wanted something until you see it. Um yeah, OMFG! I have REALLY missed Ed and Al, and rest of the crew! EEE!

Now the spoilers So, about this whole second season... )

I don't know how I feel about this new series (need more watching), all I know is that I MISS the old series so very much.

FMA movie

  • Feb. 18th, 2006 at 11:22 PM
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It is really kind of ironic that the day I say I haven't been watching anime is the day that I watch the Full Metal Alchemist movie. My impression of the film can be summed up in one word; satisfying. Mind you, I am one of those who absolutely loved the anime ending. I squeed when I was meant to, sniffled when they wanted me to, and overall had one of the better movie-watching experiences in awhile now.

where I talk about the movie )


Bleach, FMA_end

  • Nov. 30th, 2004 at 8:27 AM
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I'm behind on all things fandom.

I find the Bleach anime annoying, trite and so very boring but I'm still terribly in love with the manga. In the words of [livejournal.com profile] worldserpent I'm currently waiting for Ichigo to beat 'the supercilious crap out of' Byakuya.

Finally saw the last few eps of FMA (yes, I'm rather behind.) There really isn't much to say except I am satisfied with the ending. The whole there's 'no equivalent trade' still isn't making much sense with me, however, after the third viewing of the last five episodes, my mind is coming to terms with it and the gaping plot holes doesn't seem uh, so gaping. Don't, however, be surprised if I end up writing an extended rant on the ending because there are things I'm just not internalising.

manga: Furuba, Naruto, DN, FMA

  • Aug. 24th, 2004 at 7:49 AM
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There are weeks when all the series you follow seem to leave at a cliffhanger or reveal something terribly shocking.

So, Furuba, Akito's revelation. Well, the anime definitely got that one wrong *snickers* I'm not sure if I should be scared by this, or pray that the mangaka can pull off whatever she's trying to pull off.

Naruto: OMFG!! Sasuke! Naruto! The angst! WHY?! I love the both of you so damn MUCH! I mean I understand, but dammit, LOVE and PEACE! Not this anger, this pain, this damn fight. What's really bad is that I don't know how K-sensei is going to end this. Naruto as a shounen series should be about the Hero overcoming odds and winning, thus, at this point Naruto should go all Kyubi and kick Sasuke's arse, BUT it doesn't solve a damn thing. Sasuke need his vengeance, and dragging him back to Leaf is NOT going to solve anything. I want a resolution to this because I'm hurting for Sasuke and I'm hurting for Naruto. My heart wants Naruto to bring Sasuke back, but my head wants Sasuke to win against Naruto and just leave because we all know it is better for the plot. But if K-sensei can make Sasuke see reason again, to realise the 'precious people' in his life, to take a step back and wait to become stronger (kick Itachi's arse!) than I'll forever grovel at his feet.

As for the movie... KAKASHI! SQUEEE! And I'm a confused about the timeline. Naruto is using the rasengan (gods, I can't remember how to spell the damn justsu), and Sasuke is with them. So, does this mean the movie is set sometime after the current arc in the manga, and the anime is taking the AU route?

Death Note: Well... Raito proves once again his mad, mad skillz at screwing people over and thinkig ten steps ahead. So, L, what are you going to do with a person who honestly belief he is innocent? I love this series for the pure amoral aspect of it, and my inner psych student go all SQUEEE when Raito shows us his personality, or when L reveal tid-bits of his personality through his body language. SQUEEE!

FMA: 10 more episodes. It is not going to end happy, especially not with the snippets of the movie we have been getting -_-
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Still alive. Just feeling very tired and sluggish. RL aside, have watched/read much anime/manga.

Also, was slightly worried at my own mental health when, at 2am in the morning, I couldn't decide whether the things I remember of FMA was actually cannon or from really good fanfics. I could have sworn certain events occurred in Ed and Al's childhood, but on re-watching a few eps. I have come to the conclusion that it was just me. This make me strangely happy.

FMA ep 25. Spoilers. Finally! )

manga/anime recs )

fan art links for AK and Perseid )

And now I shall sleep like the dead.

CCS. FMA, and MD slash

  • Apr. 9th, 2004 at 11:27 PM
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Can't fall alseep. ARGH!

Want to watch ep 23 onwards of FMA. Want to watch Naruto. Suspect I may need to sell a kidney in order to afford broadband internet so I can d/ld both. Leeching off others has become harder.

Have also realised that Yue/Touya/Yukito make me a very happy, happy little girl. Figures that I can't find good, long, post-series fanfic about the three of them. Very interested in how Touya deals with lack of power.

Also, want to see FMA focus a bit more on Roy and his world domination plan, because I find the politic/military side of FMA very interesting. And maybe, larger and prettier arrays. They make me happy with the shiny.

I am beginning to form many hypothesis on the Homunculi, though I wish I have more canon to back me up. It would be so cool if each and every one of the Sins were a result of an unsuccessful attempt at human transmutaion. It would explain why Lust and Sloth look so similar to the dead people; Lust=Scar's brother's girlfriend, Sloth=Trisha Elric.

Still believe that Scar's brother performed human transmutation in order to bring back dead girlfriend, which really didn't work out, as seen by the whole walking around naked with array all over one's body. Oh, and the whole let's give my little my arm. Literally. And people wonder why Scar is so completely screwed in the head.

Oh yeah, I HATE Envy. The little bastard deserve to be killed in a slow and painful manner. Do not see the appeal. I find the little twerp to be physically revolting, and let's not even comment on his personality. Though, I am fascinated by his ability to take on other people's appearance. That way lies kink, and I'm seriously surprised by the lack of fanfic heading in that direction.

And Mighty Ducks slash fanfiction are bad. Though now I need to rent all three films out to view with a set of perverted eyes.


  • Mar. 28th, 2004 at 8:00 PM
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So, I hear episdoe 25 of FMA is out. I also hear that this is the -episode-. I think I'm going to lock myself in a little room and avoid it until I finish my accounting and law mid-terms.

Otherwise, I'm down with a cold, I have a mid-term on Saturday, which I haven't studied for, and the stress has kicked in. I think I'm just going to go and scream into my pillow.

HnG, and FMA ep 3, 19-22

  • Mar. 20th, 2004 at 5:44 PM
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Finally got to watch the ending to the HnG anime, and SQUEEEEEEE! I was terrified they were gonna screw up Akira and Hikaru's match, but no, they pulled it off, they pulled it off. Instead of spending 20 minutes on the emotions of the two, blah, blah, the animators spent time on the ACTUAL game I squee! Because damn it, HnG when it's all said and done is all about Go. And the way they show, visually, how the players calculate all the different aveneues that the game can go is just AWESOME! I think the only other game I felt so excited about in the anime was the Hikaru vs. Ochi. That was one awesome game.

Random thoughts. I feel sorry for Touya Koyou. The man will never have an eternal rival, or more accurately, the one man who could have been is 1000 years dead. I don't know which is more cruel for the Meijin, to have given the chance to play Sai, and to want it for the rest of his life, or to have never had the chance, thus never experiencing such a game. I get all sad when they show the Meijin sitting in front of a go board by himself as if waiting for Sai to make the first move. *sighs*

SPOILERS AHEAD! for FMA, ep.3, 19-22.

On FMA: ep. 3 (never got the chance to watch the ep before now) ripped my heart out. I admit it, I cried.

When they showed the first time the Elric brothers practiced alchemy, and Windy's reaction to it. Ouch, ouch, ouch! Talk about foreshadowing.

I think I really like Trisha.

I want to know MORE about Ed and Al's teacher. We get to hear about her, but we don't get to see her!

Roy in that French-middle-ages-style raincoat is HOT! I have a thing for the leather and the hat. Shut up.

Episode 19-22; the pain. Scar rocks, and we get to see just how far Ed is willing to go for Al.

Al's reaction to Scar after the whole destruction of the building thing. So cute! Kept on having inappropriate Al/Scar thoughts. Bad naanima, bad.

Scar kicks arse. I just thought I should restate this.

Poor Al, number 48 is amusing but a bastard. Deserve to die a horrible death.

Couldn't stop giggling when Tucker appeared in the new form. Suits him.

Kept on wanting to scream and getting urges to hurt someone when Nina appeared. Mainly wanted to strangle Tucker.

Ed's conclusion that he wasn't just any alchemist was, was.... was truly horrifying, in the way oncoming train-wrecks are.

The stone's reaction to Ed was, WTF?!? But ohhhh, so pretty.

Kimberly (Kimbelee?) makes a return without the geeky hair tie! Be still my heart. I want a face off between Roy and Kimberly. It would be, be explosive *snicker*

HUGHES!!! LOVE! .... unfortunately, I suspect his time is near. He's getting way too involved in everything. I suspect the reason he didn't tell Roy anything is to protect the Colonel, and that my friend, is going to hurt beyond belief. And it is my imagination or does our Hughes suspect Brad of being Teh Evil?

And the really important fact: Brad and his secretary is working with Homunculus. Also the Homunculus KNOWS Ed and Al's father, and really DISLIKE the man. Envy kicking Ed repeatedly and ranting about Ed having his blood. I'm curious.

And that's about it ^__^

RL and more 'FMA'

  • Mar. 17th, 2004 at 9:30 PM
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I had a bad dream yesterday, and it pretty much coloured chunks of my day. It isn't so much as distressing as the fact that it does reveal just how insecure I am. Not that it's anything new, but I really didn't like the fact that my sub-conscious ambushed me in such a way. Not happy. Otherwise, feeling sick, I suspect my blood pressure at the moment is much too high. Oh well.

RL have pretty much taken over everything for the past few weeks, but I feel a break coming soon, either in my attention span or just the fact that I can finally get my hands on more anime. So, while half of my friendlist watch ep 23 of FMA I sit back and try to avoid the spoilers like the wild coyote trying to avoid falling anvils. So far I'm winning.

But having said that, I'm not in much of a hurry to watch FMA (ep19 onward). It is not because I don't like the series (I do, I do), but rather it is because I don't want my guesses coming true, like the one I made of Hughes as soon as I saw him on the monitor.

Now, it's more of a waiting game to see when the anime reach the same conclusions as I, though there's always hope that it won't be as grim as foresee it to be. But if FMA does back out of right ending than I might as well hightail out of the fandom right now. Endings can break or make a series, and I feel it is more so in FMA's case.

So, lets cross our fingers.

More FMA

  • Feb. 19th, 2004 at 9:52 PM
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Ok, so in the words of [livejournal.com profile] worldserpent I have been assimilated into FMA. Raise your hands for all those who didn't see that one coming.


Before I get into the love of this series, a few questions?

Who the hell is the Secretary with the Fuhrer? I mean Ed kept on looking at her when she first appeared, and Al made that wonderful comment about how he heard their mother's voice when the secretary spoke. And don't tell me no one saw the resemblance between her and the boys' mother. So, what the hell is going on there? Am I imagining things, or is there something between the two women?

Second question: Is Hughes gonna die? As soon as I saw him in ep 5 the mind decided to tell me he was gonna die. Think about it, he's a nice guy (despite being damn sneaky), he has a family whom he dearly loves, and you just know he's gonna be the type to step in the way of danger to save the main character... or one of the other main cast memebers (Ed or Roy, hard to decide at the moment). The fact that everyone (including the audience) loves him is just gonna up the angst when he does eventually cack it in a truly horribly, and bloody way.

I don't want this to be true because I love Hughes, he's fucking awesome. His love for his family, his true caring for his friends, his goofiness, there's a whole list of things that I can talk about that make me love the goofball. So, I need you people out there, who have read most of the manga to tell me Hughes is NOT gonna die in a horribly, bloody way. And you're also gonna tell me that he's not gonna die in front of Ed, serving as a plot device to force Edo into murder.

Because surgarbutt, we all know that Ed will have to kill, and not by accident ever. The series is all about the Equivalent Trade, and there's not way the mangaka who had Nina die in such a way is gonna back out from having a 15-yr-old kill.

Gods, I love this series.

Adore Al and Ed's relationship. The siblings' -platonic- (thought I should specify) relationship make me go all mushy and sniffly. Everytime Ed gets knocked down and realises just what they had to sacrifice, and what they will have to sacrifice make my heart break a bit. Everytime Al realises his memory is slowly fading my eyes starts to tear up. I RABU them!

And no post about FMA is complete without mentioning Roy. Mustang is Teh Cool. Ruthless, intelligent, powerful, good looking, and well, stupid. I love the man. But his emotions are gonna bring him nothing but pain and grief.

There's so much more I want to say, but I'm getting tired, and I -need- sleep. Yes, I do.

finally saw more FMA......

  • Feb. 18th, 2004 at 1:47 AM
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Can't sleep. So fucking hot.

Saw about 13 eps of Full Metal Alchemist....

......... omfg.


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