knowing death

  • Apr. 15th, 2005 at 5:46 PM
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My brain is like a cheese grater. Fear my cheese grater brain.

See, this falls under the 'random/strange' comment to get attention ([ profile] worldserpent, see me use your intellect.) But honestly, 4+ hours of finance, and I'm kind of not here.

I was reading one of the guild published magazines today while eating lunch. The magazine had one article asking people when they first began to realise that their existence can end, to fear death. The consensus seem to be around the age of 10-12. This, caused me to slow down in my dedicated attempt to swallow my lunch in one gulp. You see, I first realised that death can happen to me, to truly fear death when I was 4/5-yr-old. As you can probably guess, this was not a good thing, in fact it was rather traumatic. The day that I realised I can die, I skipped school, climbed a tree and stayed there until school was finished, thinking mum wouldn't know I had not gone to school for the whole day. I have no idea why I did this (can't remember), all I remember was wanting to hide, and being terrified of having my existence ending. It had just happened to my grandmother, I didn't see why it couldn't happen to me.

And yes, I did get into trouble with mum, though I can't remember if I got punished for it or not. Maybe I should ask her.


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