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  • Apr. 28th, 2007 at 9:32 PM
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I have been waiting for something like this since Hookman. A weapon guide/list of the guns (and some other weapons) used by Sam and Dean Winchester throughout Supernatural. It is nice to know that Dean's favourite gun is a COLT 1911 .45 - it was driving me insane that people kept on calling that gun a Glock when I know it wasn't but didn't know enough about guns to say what it actually is. I can tell you what certain variants of the Desert Eagle looks like because it is so overused in movies (I love the six inch barrels of the Desert Eagle but I’m quite useless about the actual capabilities of the different variants), and that a Glock is really quite obvious because it is damn ugly, but that's about it. I feel much better now, and I wonder if the writers/prop-people has been giggling none stop about the use of Winchesters in Supernatural since day one. If it was me I'd have giggled every time I saw one of the guys with a Winchester, if, you know, I actually know anything about rifle, but alas I don’t have a clue.

What I really want to know – those machetes used in Bloodlust, are they specially made, or are they just your run of the mill machete? Also, what kind of rifle was Dean using in Simon Said? It had the scope and everything; it looked tooled up.

Now I sleep.


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