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"With lighting speed, Batman and Owlman traded blows using amazing contraptions of equally matched yet diametrically opposed ingenuity. Batrang versus Owlrang, Batrope versus Owlrope, Bat-Sneer versus Owl-Grimace!."


CAN'T. Stop. Laughing. [livejournal.com profile] code_renegade, you supply some awesome crack.

ETA 1: Superman to Bruce Wayne: Oh, I always keep my "work clothes" in a super-compressed ball hidden on my body... Then I change it near-sound speed... and...

ETA 2: Ultraman (alternate version of Superman), on fighting against Superman: Is it just me, or is there something really hot about this?

reference - batman

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For my own reference.

Jason Todd, and my own confused comments about him and Tim on [livejournal.com profile] code_renegade's journal.

I will get my long babble about the Bat-family up and running. Eventually, maybe, possibly. Need to vent about Jason Todd in a more clear fashion, need to talk about the fucked-upness of Tim Drake, will discuss the death of Steph, fuck, I did adore the girl, will talk about the slight hero-worship of Batgirl (calling her Cass seem wrong.) Will not talk about Dick Grayson because my feelings are really mixed about him. I love him, but more often than not Dick is the symbol, he's the icon that was the first, and because of such he was never too real to me. I can hurt for Jason, Tim, and Steph, but never Dick Grayson because d00d, he's like Teh Robin.

In addition, [livejournal.com profile] code_renegade, Robin is so the "Most Cursed Sidekick Role" in comic book history. Two dead Robins out of four is not a good score, and we all know the only reason Dick survived was because Bruce fired him.
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The Spoiler and Batgirl. OMFG! LOVE! A bit of a conversation. God knows what issue this is from.


Spoiler: My father was a SuperVillain. The Cluemaster. Like the Riddler but with dumber hints.

*a bit later - after talking a bit more about feelings and father issues*

Spoiler: What was your dad like?

Batgirl: Assassin. David Cain.

*incredlous look, talk and slightly hysterical laughter later*

Spoiler: When my dad was mad at me he'd lock me in the closet. What did yours do?

Batgirl: Shot me.

*more laughter*

Spoiler: Oh man. I can't beat you at anything.


Gods! LOVE!
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Christ, I will never complain about plot-holes, OOCs, and fucked up timelines in manga ever again. I always forget just how much more things get screwed up when there are over a dozen writers/artists working on several series involving the same characters at different point in the characters' life. And don't even get me started on the alternative universes about the same characters. I mean there's 'Batgirl', 'Batman', 'Nightwing', 'Robin, 'Outsiders', and I haven't even began on the 'Teen Titans' yet. I don't have a damn clue just where each of these series is at in relation to each other. Continuity? What continuity?

No, not getting obsessed. Just interested in the newest Robin… the male one.


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