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Saw Matrix Revolutions today. It is funny. Not funny good, but funny bad. Or as [ profile] nekomancy say, 'It is lame.'

----on weird kinky things that's just wrong in Matrix-----

naanima: Ok, the tentacles was just pushing it.
nekomancy: All it needed was lube.
naanima and nekomancy: MWAHAHAHABWAHAHAHAHA

---comment on the boobage-----------

naanima: Did you notice the two girls rubbing each others' boobs?
nekomancy: They are hard to miss. It is in the perfect position for the camera to focus on.

naanima: Those boobs have to be real. Silicon ones doesn't move like that.

nekomancy: The rubber chick's boobs makes an impression.
naanima: Rubber chick?
nekomancy: Yes, rubber chick who was also in the second film. She wore the white rubber dress.
naanima: Oh. The wife. Yeah, her breast were like really there. The red dress doesn't leave much to the imagination.
nekomancy: They are really big.
naanima: But nice. But yes, big.
nekomancy: At least it wasn't the white dress. That dress must have squashed her nipples.
naanima: *nods wisely* My first thought on seeing her in the red dress was 'Wow, she has nice assets.'
nekomancy: *laughs*

That't that ^_______^ (well, it isn't. But I'm so full of sugar at the present time that I really can't sit still and type anymore).
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CLAMP is doing an au of CCSakura. The whoring have to stop. God, please let the whoring stop. And, [ profile] pornkings, you're so right, CLAMP is like Yet, despite the fear, I can feel a sick curiousity to the series, I think it might be the whole Touya falling into Yukito's arms. I never said I wasn't shallow.

On other news, I have seen Matrix Reloaded. It was fun, it was really pretty, and I REALLY liked the Trinity and Neo moments (yes, that definitely included the sex scene ^__^). Much better than X-men 2, but not as good as the first one. I even stayed til the end of the credit to see the preview for Matrix Revolutions, and that's all I'm going to say ^_^

Otherwise, I slept thru most of Friday, and quite a large chunk of today. I spent the rest of my waking hours re-watching Meteor Garden 1, watching Meteor Garden 2 and watching bits and pieces of the live-action Taiwanese soapie, Marmalade Boy. For those who've never heard of the series, it's shoujo comic (written in the early 90's) at it's best/worst, whichever is your taste. It ran approx ~70 eps, and oh boy, did I wish I was dead for some of them. Anyways, I am beyond brain dead, and I've cried rivers. So much bawling, the angst, the drama, the pain, WAHHH. I feel sorry for Lei, so much pain, the poor schnookums.

[ profile] pornkings now you've to WRITE the Lei fic. PLEASE write the LEi fic, tell me you're writing the LEi fic. I need Lei fics, his story need to be better resolved, expanded, more depth, more something. Please write the Lei fic. I'm a firm believer that repetition of the same thing will eventually get me what I want. So, write the Lei fic.

I'm sure I had more intelligent things to say, but all I can think about is Lei and his missed chances *cries*


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