• Dec. 20th, 2006 at 10:30 PM
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I joined [ profile] fst for the JOJO FSTs, and I have never been so glad. [ profile] jokersama you are so awesome! I'm re-listening to The Golden Palominos - Victim, and it is freaking me out, but I can't stop because the FST for part 4 is like the MOST awesome FST ever made because it is damn near perfect.

You are so awesome. *CLINGS*

ETA: My player just jumped to The Godfather Theme for the part 5 FST, [ profile] jokersama, you like, win at life.

wiki is evil

  • Oct. 18th, 2006 at 2:20 PM
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Wikipedia is evil.

Someone, PLEASE TELL ME that wiki is lying when it alludes to connections between CLAMP'S Wish and JoJo's Part 3! Because OMFG! Kohaku and Shuichiro being CLAMP'S answer to Jotaro and Kakyoin is so -right- that is hurts. I blame all of you for planting the initial seed in my mind, my brain is doing the brain-melting-fucked-up-thing which is just messing with me.

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10 things that have happened in the past few days (barring academic woe; )

I have been a very busy chipmunk... now, if only I can achieve such success on the academic side of things. As I was typing the list I came to the realisation that the above is a summary of most of my weeks this year, I so need a break, and booze, much booze.

I -am- thinking very carefully about November Rain, the thing is I keep on picturing him looking like Zangetsu ala-Ichigo's anthropomorphic sword. He's cool looking and fits the whole November Rain feel but he's completely wrong in relation to Araki's style. Unless Araki made a major revision of his style (again) between part 4 to part 6. In addition, googling for Guns n' Roses albums, and other bands (METALLICA), obsessively for inspiration. As [ profile] baka_neko suggested, if I was a fictional stand-user I'll NOT have a drop of Italian blood in my veins. Tragedies make me sad.

Stand Names... I blame petronia

  • Jun. 1st, 2006 at 5:05 PM
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[ profile] petronia, someone’s stand have to be named ‘November Rain’! (At one point my brain was like ‘Axl Rose’ = Akio’s Stand… but let’s not go there.) November Rain would have the ability to change the make up of air to moisturiser MOISTURE (blame auto spell check) and then into a large amount of highly dangerous liquid. I say ACID, but anything toxic to the human body would be cool (though melting the flesh off a human to the bone is really awesome and suit Araki’s style quite well.)

Oh, and ‘Enter Sandman’ is like, a totally awesome Stand name (or possibly a really cool attack.)

And 'Minus Human'!

In none stand-related news; the urge to kill friends once you work with them on a daily basis is truly terrifying. I may love the bitch but by the gods I want to throttle her alive.

ETA: I have an urge to make little drawings of 'November Rain'... if I am to procrastinate I may as well procrastinate on something TRULY WORTHY! Though I must decide what shape shall NR take; Gender? Objects? Organs? Hmmm.

blah... and jojo

  • May. 5th, 2006 at 11:03 AM
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There need to be more JoJo fanfiction. Someone need to write post part 3 fanfiction about Jotaro going back to Japan and informing ”spoilers” ), and about Jotaro’s choice of doing his thesis on STAR FISH! This still make me snicker, oh gods, Araki-sensei, why STAR FISH?! (I suspect it is something retarded like; it had to be a star fish because of its SHAPE!) BTW: when I say there need to be more fanfiction, what I really mean is that [ profile] petronia should be slaving away in front of her computer fulfilling my JoJo needs XP.

Joseph in part 4 makes me highly uncomfortable (more like a bunch of highly mixed signals in my brain that refuses to get unmixed). It is entirely a personal thing.

My brain has dead a stunningly painful death, which is bad because if I fail one more mid-semester I am going to write this whole damn semester off. On the other hand I am still finding time colouring big-assed manga images of JoJo part 2. I have mad love for Caesar and Joseph, and it just seems to be getting worse as time goes by. Sometime in the next week I shall be uploading much coloured JoJo images for people to use because the JoJo love need to be spread (like an highly infectious disease or is that virus… what is the difference anyway?).

JoJo Part 3

  • Apr. 28th, 2006 at 12:54 PM
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More JOJO (part 3 babble, I'm still too distraught to talk about part 2 without wanting to cry) because it is LOVE, and the cold medication is making it impossible not to write anything. )


Conclusion: Part 2 is still my favorite part but I do love part 3.


  • Apr. 26th, 2006 at 4:35 PM
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Half way through part 2 of JoJo. OMFG!!!!!!!! WTF?!!!!!!!

Jack the Ripper?! Muscles, so much muscles, and Aztec Vampires!!! I wish I had some of those ornaments. End of part 1 made me all sad and mopey. Need free time to read more, need to read more. Brain so dead at the moment, I had forgotten how hard it was to survive on 3 hours of sleep when you need to deliver speeches, count money and basically be all mature and not fun. But omfg! JoJo is so cool, oh so cool. Need more.

ETA: CAESAR! Why didn't anyone WARN me?! *cries*
ETA 2: Somewhere between volume 5 and volume 6 my brain did a complete 180. It came to the realisation that the art work for JOJO is the epitome of perfection and it is perfectly all right to measure all other manga art work against for future reference. I think it was also at that point that my brain fell into a field of acceptance. That is, I'll believe anything the series tell me, ANYTHING.
ETA 3: Araki is ruthless with his characters... *CRIES*


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