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  • May. 26th, 2009 at 2:53 PM
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Life is busy, fandom revolves around me catching up to ATWT (NUKE!!!!), and an obscene amount of reality talent shows. Adam Lambert of American Idol and Britain’s Got Talents pretty much ate my brain, with the rest of my free time dedicated to reading Star Trek fics. I have tagged many ST:XI fics on my delicious account. I’m trying to sort out a third viewing of the film. In fact I would like to take the time to talk about something seperis said hit the nail on what I haven’t been able to verbalise till she did ).

In short, this fandom is awesome! And look! New desktop!

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It has come to my attention that I haven't done much in the way of fangirling for awhile now, and this is sort of disappointing from someone who consumes a lots of entertainment. So, I have decided to make up for the lack of excited fangirling with a pimp post for As the World Turns, an American soap opera that has been going for approx 50 years or so. More specifically I'm pimpin' the Luke & Noah storyline, whose love story is like watching a BoyLove manga series.

Luke and Noah's story is a simple story of boy meets boy and falling in love - except this is soap opera, and nothing happens without massive amount of angst and trauma. Luke is openly gay, Noah is so in denial that the closet doesn't even exist for him, to make matters worse Noah dates one of Luke's close friend. There is flirtation (wet, semi-naked flirtation), a kiss that Noah vehemently denies, jealousy, and Noah's psycho homophobic father whom is all about getting rid of Luke because he's obviously turning Noah gay. And I'm not even going to go into the hospital stay and the physical therapy. So, it is like BL manga with real people.

Furthermore, Luke and Noah are just stupidly cute.

The Short Pictorial Guide
Cut because there are people at work )

The whole Luke & Noah storyline on youtube.

Some wiki entries to assist with the visual information. All about Luke, and all about Luke and Noah.

And that's my fannish contribution for the, oh next year or so.


  • Dec. 16th, 2007 at 8:48 PM
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Life has been fairly good.

Watched Supernatural 308, there will be comments at some point in the near future. I'm still processing everything that happened during the episode. However, one of my reoccurring thought throughout was that Kripke is a major fanboy of Neil Gaiman. Bless the man's heart.

[ profile] perseid and I fangirled muchly over Korean pop-artists; we have come to the conclusion that we are suffering from puberty in reverse as we are insanely obsessed over Korean boy bands. Though I confess I'm just obsessed with the Korean music industry in general.

BTW: Xiah Junsu has officially become sex!ass.

Have watched the Anyband concert; Tablo, BoA and JunSu is AWESOME! I'm still a bit confused at the pianist; she's cute, but her presence at a pop concert throws me a bit. BoA is so much more edgy (HOT) when performing in Korea; she's just awesome. Tablo and Epik High are such dorks; LOVES, and DBSK as usual made me squee with glee, though YunHo's absence hurts.

Also watched most of DBSK's Bonjour Paris DVD; YunHo and Jaejoong are so married, and everyone is just so damn cute.

As the World Turns is bringing back the ghei; Luke and Noah makes an appearance, finally, and I saw one of the best fictional depiction of how a grandparent would deal with a gay grandchild. I can't believe soap operas are bringing me semi-realistic depictions of relationships.

Also, I’m of two mind when it comes to LJ’s new customise layout page – it is rather counter intuitive.

Waiting for DVDs, books and more DBSK merchandise.


  • Dec. 10th, 2007 at 10:49 PM
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SGA season 4 - I'm actually enjoying the show. Teyla and Ronon are so much more awesome this season than the last two. This is a major plus.

Also, in regards to Miller's Crossing - John, you are kind of cool but you are no Adam Carter, who, during the time span of ~5 minutes, won the prize for the most chilling/badass/awesome character, ever. We shall not speak of his characterisation post that initial introduction.

In addition – I started watching As the World Turns clips on youtube. Yes, I am mostly watching Luke and Luke & Noah clips. OMFG! 2 guys kissing on DAYTIME soap - this makes me outrageously happy. What makes it better is that Luke is actually an awesome character; I’m ridiculously in love with the boy.

And that’s about it on the fandom front.


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