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See, I just knew I was going to change the list, but have no fear, it isn't a big change. I'm just taking out Gon (he's cute, but he just doesn't have the same impact as my other top 10 memebers), and replacing him with Dark Schneider of Bastard!!.

So, DS is my new number eight!! What can I say about DS that the title of the series doesn't say... well, he's a bastard, a complete arrogant jerk, he's petty, thinks he's the best, is perpetually stuck in the mind frame of an adolescent male. Yet, yet, yet, despite all of his faults, he's just so fucking COOL!! Darshu kicks arse, and flaunt everything he have, because, well, he think he's the best and is God's gift to women... and he's probably not half wrong ^^;;; Watch the OAVS, hell, read the manga.

Now that I've ranted and raved, I present three wallpapers I made in the past few days.

First ManKin wallpaper, I named it Brothers in Arms. Yes, it is meant as sort of joke with Yoh and Hao. You'll probly only get the joke if you've read the manga, or seen the anime up to ep ~30 or so. For those who have only seen the anime, yes, it's Hao in the bg with a SuperSaiyin moment ^^;; and Yoh with his new battle outfit, which looks soooo cool!

Another ManKin wallpaper, Hao in the background and Yoh in the foreground... again, and the whole team in really blotchy style ^^;;;

Look, something that's not Mankin related. It's a Naruto wallpaper featuring Sasuke. The image was a bitch to edit, but it looks sooo cool! And I thought the title "Anger Management 101" quite apt.

Hope people like them.


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