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Re-watching HunterXHunter.


If Togashi-sensei ever gets over his sprawling attention span and start concentrating on the main plot involving Gon's father, or Kurapika's vengeance against the Ryodan I'll be forever grateful. Hell, work in Killua's family and I'll be a mindless mass of pure happiness. Mind you, having a condensed running commentary of the newest volume by [ profile] nekomancy give me hope. Gon's teacher has appeared, and the Hunters have made a mass appearance against the... uh... bug/human/animal hybrid.

I have hope for HXH no matter how much the current plotline sounds like a 50's B-grade horror/sc-fi film. Let's face it, manga/anime like any other medium, reuse plots and ideas, it's just a matter of how well the old themes are worked into the new format. Therefore, I have hope! To tell you the truth I'm much more in love with the HXH manga and anime than I am with Naruto.

Gon and Killua's friendship is a healing balm for me against Naruto and Sasuke's melodrama of a relationship. When I say relationship I mean that in every way. If Naruto and Sasuke are not screwing each other now they will be in the future. I refuse to say I'm imagining Naruto/Sasuke when K-sensei is all but shovelling it down our collective throats under the pretense of a 'platonic' rivalry.

See, three/four volumes ago I was all 'Naruto and Sasuke in the manga are only friends/rivals. It's only my fangirl mind that see the potential for anything more.' NO more. Three/four volumes ago it seemed Sasuke actually cared for Sakura, three/four volumes ago I thought Naruto was finally going to notice Hinata, three/four volumes ago Naruto and Sasuke weren't even interacting with each other. NO more. Now it's pretty much Naruto and Sasuke all way. Hell, ever when neither is seen in the manga it's still the 'Naruto and Sasuke' show.

See, this is what happens when the mangaka spend four volumes painting a world where it is all about Naruto and Sasuke. So, no more guilt (never felt any to begin with) over Naruto and Sasuke. As far as I'm concerned Naruto and Sasuke doing the hot monkey sex at some point in the future is canon (even if it isn't on screen). So, unless K-sensei suddenly decide to do a 180 degree turn and make Sakura the centre of the Universe for Sasuke, and stop telling us that Sasuke is like Naruto's one and only 'friend' my yaoi fangirl and my logical normal girl are in 100% agreement.

Some people say I'm delusional, personally I prefer observant ^__^V Beside, unless someone can prove me 100% wrong I'm gonna stick to what I'm seeing.


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