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Will be lodging in my graduation form today. Slightly twitchy, although I suspect it has more to do with the coffee I had this morning than actual nerves about my graduation.

Finally got around to watching Identity. LOVE John Cusack ^__^ Can see why it was such a hit at the Box Office, wonderful way of directing, very film noir. Acting is top notch, characters all very intriguing, although I guessed the 'twist-ending' about half way through the film, then my inner psychology student (ex-psychology student) decided to complain.

-- half way through the film, when everything clicks --

inner-psych student: They are screwing up the disorder. Can't they do an extra bit of research?
inner-viewer: Shut up! Enjoying the film. Staying for the ride!
inner-psych student: But for Christ sake, even the most basic of psychology text books will tell you that's wrong. There's less than a handful of suffe-
inner-viewer: La la la la. Not listening! WILL enjoy the film WITHOUT analysing!
inner-psych student: *grumbles*

--- a bit more into the film ----

inner-psych student: OMFG! Any self-respecting psychologist won't be doing that. The idiot!! There are rules against conducting a session like that with an unstable patient!
inner-viewer: ....... okay, have to agree with you there.
inner-psych student: You should. I know what I'm talking about.
inner-viewer: *ignores the former*

-- When Everything is Revealed ---

inner-psych student: I've no respect for the film! It's IMPOSSIBLE to do that!! Beside, there are ethics involved against such treatments, such treatment is also fucking impossible!!
inner-viewer: Well, it does make an impact, and John Cusack is pretty cool, and you've gotta admit the directing is still very good.
inner-psych student: But that's not how you treat the illness!!
inner-viewer: Shut up. *punt inner-psych student*

-- end of the film --

inner-viewer: WHAT?! That's it?! What the? That's it?!
inner-psych student: *smug* you should have seen it coming.
inner-viewer: I did! But couldn't they have pulled it off better?!
inner English student: It's a rather unsatisfying ending. The lighting is done rather badly. It must be the blue lenses they use, and seriously the angle for the last shot is terribly-
inner-viewer/inner-psych student: SHUT UP!!!

-- the end --

I'm demented. *sigh*


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