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  • Jun. 28th, 2004 at 6:44 PM
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Alive. Just haven't been home for three days or so.

Saw Freddy VS Jason. Wonderful film. You know the production crew are not taking themselves seriously when Freddy is practicing Kung Fu moves on Jason. Actually, you know they are not taking themselves seriously when the concept for a film is a crossover between two major icons of horror, despite never hinting at the two sharing the same universe in any of the previous franchise. However, I’m all for inconsistencies in the name of fun. Beside, the film is damn classy.

While classy, the film cannot match Jason X (AKA Jason in Space where He Is Made Into Mecha!Jason). Love the film! Mediocre acting, predictable plot, but oh, how I adore a film when they know ALL the clichés to the specific film genera, and purposely makes fun of it. It’s great when the script says all the smart-arse comments you and your friends want to say. And well, it features Mecha!Jason, how can you not enjoy the film ^__^

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Oh, and if anyone get the chance rent Hebrew Hammer. It’s a comedy, a straight to DVD take-off comedy film of the black exploitation films, except with Jews. Low budget and at times sick, but no matter what everyone thought of it I thought the film was a great. Mind you, the lack of any form of expectation of the film probably helped ^^;;;

*goes back to sleep*


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