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  • Dec. 9th, 2004 at 9:49 PM
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This post is a collection of fanfic recs from various fandom that I have been meaning to make. Strangely enough they don't just consist of anime/manga. I'm sort of proud.


I have just discovered The Alters! series. It is collection of pic drabbles set post ep 51. The PICS are GORGEOUS WORKS OF ART! GORGEOUS! The drabbles details Ed's travel in 'our' world (Munich, Zeppelins, and Churchill? It is our world). What makes it wonderful is the fact that Ed has a traveling companion, a man named Masuta Ichiro, this world's replica of Roy Mustang. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and Hoenheim's fate made me want to cuddle Ed until that look would go away from his eyes.

The series can be broken into two sections. The first dealing with Ed and Masuta's adventures in 'our' world, the second detailing their adventures once Ed returns to 'his' world. The former is interesting for the glimpses of lives of familiar characters. Lust's role in 'our' world will make you giggle like a school girl, and the single glimpse of Al and Nina will make you smile and at the same time tear up for Ed, and when you find out just who Masuta's parents are *cackles*. People's reactions to Masuta ranges from hilarious to heart breaking. Some of Masuta and Roy interactions can be heart wrenching in a completely understated way while other times you are giggling your head off, 'cos while Roy and Masuta may have similar characteristics they are completely different in other departments.

Just go and READ! READ!

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