POT ep 70

  • Apr. 19th, 2003 at 8:56 PM
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Work? What work? Spent the day sleeping away headaches and such, only to wake up with symptoms of a cold. Tired, groggy, not thinking probably. Decided to go and rent out some DVDs. Red Dragon entertained me greatly, Edward Norton as per usual was excellent and OMG the slashy undertone kept on hitting me over the head. Will think in much more depth of RD slash when brain isn't a horrible congealed mess.

Ep 70 of Prince of Tennis mini-review, spoilers, yada, yada. Did this sometime on Friday.

I know I've asked this before, but damn, just what are the creators/producers of POT on? Sure this episode is no where near as weird as the chibi episode, but data baseball? Tennis style ping pong? Snake badminton? And of course the now (in)famous curling? The only games that were played 'right' were Momo in basketball, and Oishi and Eiji in volleyball, and how cute they were. I LOVE Eiji and Oishi. I LOVE. Even the baseball match was sort of normal until Inui dtarted on the data baseball, much adoration to Inui and Taka. Much.

Favourite quote of the whole episode:

"Participants... zero. Champoinship is mine." - Fuuji Syusuke.

Fuji is very lazy and oh so devious. I mean curling? So he can win the championship without any competition *laughs* Curling *shakes head* That boy, so many ulterior motives.

Everyone is so adorable in this ep, *huggles all the regulars* Hell, I love every memeber of the Regulars. It's so hard to dislike any of them when they are so cute and have so many unique quirks and flaws ^__^ But if I've to choose my fav character... hmm, I CAN'T choose one, although I can narrow it down to TWO ^__^

1. Inui; because of his data - sports, his sheer determination, his sense of fair play, and his toxic veggie-juice that (eventually) even takes down the genius Fuuji ^__^

2. Oishi; because he's nice, responsible (mother-hen), caring, and despite his overall nice-ness is an extremely devious individual. He can also bowl really well ^___^

I'm so looking forward to ep 71 of POT. Fudomine re-enters the show, Momo goes on a date, tennis is played, and it seems everyone in the show makes an appearance. And there's SHINJI ^____^ (adore the boy, he mumbles!).

.................. Going back to sleep..... or maybe I'll go and re-watch Red Dragon again......................


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