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  • Sep. 7th, 2007 at 3:21 PM
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I have been going through a patch of insomnia, so rather than focus on work I have been watching DBSK and SUJU (more like Kim HeeChul clips) interviews on youtube. It has been glorious.

The differences in the DBSK boys since they debuted back in 2004 to now are truly stunning. They were such dorks back then, compared to now they are much more, um, actually they are still dorks, but less gleeful and obviously more comfortable with interviews and themselves, dorks. Their image has come a long way (omg, they suffered a series of truly awful hair-styles); visually they are much more sleek. Their vocals has improved, which I think is partly due to their Asian tour. Having to sing so often and to a live audience must had been an awesome learning experience. Their music is much more experimental nowadays, though I wish they would allow Changmin and JunSu to really push their vocals, I’m fascinated with just how far the two of them can go. Also, the fact that they are considered to be elders in the music industry when the oldest of them is only 22 this year makes me laugh.

My favourite DBSK picture; Japanese version.

Nowadays YunHo is very smooth, and I’m really glad they stopped pushing for the whole bad boy image and allowed him to be more mature. However, his current thinness is kind of, um, concerning, I mean, his face was so ROUND only 3 years ago (wants to PINCH it, and those teeth!). The problem is that YunHo's height and body structure makes the loss of weight very obvious. Yoochun on the other hand has gained weight - this I approve, looking like a twig that could be snapped in half did nothing for him; I’m also very glad that his voice has become much more smooth. Changmin, that boy, have truly grown, he is taller than YunHo now (I think he's 1.85 or 1.86m), and he’s so much more confident and articulate than he use to be, it is extremely obvious in interviews and even when he’s on stage performing (and let’s NOT forget the SPECIAL videos he watch – AHAHAHAHA).

JunSu is has dropped the ‘cute’ image and is much more mature nowadays, it is suddenly him (or Changmin) who pick up the slack in interviews when YunHo is obviously feeling under the weather; I like his short hair-cut so much more. Finally, JaeJoong, is it me or has he become less camera shy and much more blunt than he use be? I mean he was pretty blunt back then, but now it is like he’ll go out of his way to be as blunt as possible. Actually, present JaeJoong sort of reminds me of a less insane HeeChul, in many ways that is a scary thought. The world can only really house one HeeChul at any given time; two would possibly make the world implode on itself.

This brings me to Kim HeeChul who is like- like- you know what? HeeChul is indescribable. He’s insanely pretty (yes, more pretty than most of the female celebrities), and when you see him you kind of automatically assume he’s going to be soft-spoken and nice. HeeChul is neither soft spoken nor nice - when I first saw him in one of SuJu’s MVs I wasn’t really impressed, pretty boys tend to bore me, then I saw him on a variety show. It was an experience, Kim HeeChul is truly amazing; he’s hilarious, extremely sharp, and is very blunt. Though what I said does little justice for just how glorious he truly is; he’s the type of guy you would love to be your friend, but would never want to date because he’d drive you to murder.

The Great Kim HeeChul, because despite the pretty and snark he can be a bit of a retard.

OK, now I shut up about Korean bands. Oh wait, one more thing - I LOVE "O Jung Ban Hap". My love for this song is pure GLEE.


  • Sep. 5th, 2007 at 10:55 AM
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Work, work, work, and watching a stupid amount of Korean variety shows and music clips because Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK or DBSG), also known as Tong Vfang Xien Qi (TVXQ) in China, or Tohoshinki (THSK) in Japan is LOVE! Their name, in any of the above countries, pretty much mean the same thing - Gods Rising from the East. It is an awesome name on several levels, unfortunately when it is translated into English it loses quite a bit of its poetic flow. I thought it was the title of a new WuXia drama when I first heard the name.

The amazing thing about DBSK is the fact that they can actually sing and dance, compose their own music, and is actually semi-successfully transferring from a teen-boy band to something bigger. They were marketed as an acappella group but they mostly sing K-Pop. No matters, I have big mushy loves for the band, they are such dorks who honestly deserves to be where they are in the Asian music industry. For those who don’t know - DBSK is the biggest thing in Asia, not just Korea itself, but they pretty much got China, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan eating out of their hands. It is pretty damn impressive.

I’m especially endeared to YooChun and YunHo.

Asian Fans

  • Aug. 28th, 2007 at 7:56 PM
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So, I have been reading/watching everything related to Super Junior... SHUTUP [livejournal.com profile] perseid! Anyways, as a result I have begun to read about the whole 'fan' culture in Asia, of course this is more related with the Korean fans, but since the suicide of a father a few weeks ago because of Andy Lau, the whole Asian fan-phenomenon is mind boggling. Anyways, apparently a Korean fan put chewed bubblegum in HanKyung’s mouth (one of Super Junior’s member), it is kind of insane. Also, I'm not even sure what to say about the anti-fans; making death threats, poisoning a pop-star, and admitting to sabotaging a vehicle that caused a major accident is just insane.

In conclusion - the Western fans have nothing on the Korean fans.

Asian Pop is AWESOME

  • Aug. 26th, 2007 at 3:52 PM
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Currently trying to work out my superannuation, taxes, and trying to figure out the new changes to the Australian Tax legislation post-budget - ARGH!!

Moving on, [livejournal.com profile] perseid, remember how we chatted about your, um, mental age due to some of your interest, well, you can laugh at me now. I'm terribly infatuated with Super Junior, yes, the South Korean 13-member boy band, this is so embarrassing. But omfg, their Full House is hilarious, and their dork-like actions is just priceless. I’m still having some problems keeping track of all of them, but we’ll see. (There is ENGLISH fanfiction on them! OMG!).

Also, 陈楚生, the winner of the Chinese (all male) version of American-Idol continues to pwn me. His voice and his talent continue to blow me away.

Youtube is awesome.

Television: Goong 2 & memories of Farscape

  • Jul. 21st, 2007 at 2:37 AM
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Goong 2 is not gelling with me; the lead male makes me want to tear my hair out. He's such an idiot.

Otherwise, I have been watching Farscape interviews/conventions on youtube.

Ben Browder (BB) to Claudia Black(CB): Quit prompting me woman!

CB on Aeryn Sun in the PKW: It was the same old Aeryn. She was grumpy and feisty. And shooting made her feel better.

CB on achieving motivation to work on Farscape: Knowing that shortly after Ben would walk in, in his leathers. I know its shallow, but that was it, really.

Claudia Black has an amazing body, and Ben Browder is as insane as John Crichton.

Gods, I miss Farscape.

Korean soapie name

  • Oct. 20th, 2006 at 2:16 PM
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OK, wiki has failed me. Mum and I have been completely addicted to this Korean soapie (yes, I know I swore I was giving up Korean soapie after getting my heart ripped out, but this is different.) The series is about the Korean royal family with the word 'palace' in it (no, it is not "A Jewel in the Palace") set in modern Korea where the Imperial Prince ends up marrying a common girl. The Prince's grandfather and his servant made a promise that their children (or grand children will get married.) Fast track a couple of decades, the new Imperial Prince has a girlfriend, but she dumps him because of her dream, and in a fit of rage he marries the chick that he doesn't particularly care.

He's a jerk (cute) and she's your typical spunky shoujo-heroine, there is much laughs, and sees me bawl my eyes out as the series draws to a conclusion.

Also, there are many TEDDY-BEARS at the end of each episode dressed up in costumes similar to that of the characters during the episode. LOVE this series.

However, I have NO idea what this series is called in English. So, help me Obi my f-list!
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My mind is in the gutter today. I'm in neck deep... perhaps deeper. By all right there shouldn't be any possible way one can attach innuendos to Asian soapies. Apparently my mind thinks differently. Everything seem to be leading to smut. Bad brain, bad.

I feel the urge to make webpages. Lots and lots of useless web pages that I'm never going to upload because I'm beyond lazy when it comes to uploading content to said web sites. Also have the urge to re-read Conflict of Interest, thinking of harassing Madamhydra about chapter 8. I have been waiting for over 5 years now for the complete version of chapter 8.

Overall, I feel strange, out of it... hmm, alcohol sound good.

Need to burn cds. Need to burn a lots of cds.


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