• May. 9th, 2007 at 8:39 AM
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I am 14 episodes into season1 of Scrubs, and the sheer GLEE I have for this series is ENORMOUS! Dr. Cox is awesome, his, um, She of Satan ex-wife is all sort of AWESOME. I love how this series can be both sweet and cringe worthy at the same time, and I laugh so hard and so much while watching it. I admit there were a couple of episodes that made sniffle a tad, but OMFG! This series has BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT, and AWESOME writing! !

    JD’s imagination makes me laugh, cry and cringe, because seriously, my brain is like that half of the time. I have random commentary flying all around my brain and once in awhile my brain supplies both the visual and audio, though I admit I have less, um. Self-esteem issues, my subconscious likes me better. ^__^!

    Elliot – remind me of some people I know, um, in fact I suspect I come across a bit like her from time-to-time. But only RARELY! I am much more balanced and less of a perfectionist (or neurotic). Honest. Half of the times I want to stick a sock in her mouth, the other half I want to cuddle her, because by the gods she’s really screwed up in the head.

    Carla! AHAHAHAHA! I want to be MORE like her! The self-confidence and self-assurance she has for herself and her own actions. LOVES her so very much. Hehehehe.

    Turk is AWESOME! LOVES him so MUCH! Loves his dancing, loves his singing and loves the fact that he stood up to Kelso for his own beliefs (the whole fighting for the perfect bench to eat lunch at is just hilarious yet also strangely character building)! Just loves him so much, loves that despite initial impressions of him, he does some of the sweetest things ever.

    And of course, Dr. Kelso AKA Devil - I have got nothing, the amount of pure love for someone so abrasive, so mercenary, so evil bliss me out. Though I admit when Jordan put the smack down him I fell a bit in love with her.

It is true what they say, if you want to get something down, give it someone who’s already busy.


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