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The series is one big, giant mind-fuck. I mean really big, it screws with the mind, and there are many occassions when you're not sure WTF is happning, but ohh, the mind- fuck. I LOVE this aspect of it. LOVE it.

RahXephone is also beautiful, and at times gut wrenching. The Hiroko episode broke my heart. The storyline is fascinating, all the characters are well developed and interesting, and the main character isn't overly annoying (and when he was, it was understandable. Most of the time). And damn, I'm still trying to get over certain aspects of the series (in a good way).

Despite its ending, the series make me want to cry. There's an underlining sadness that never gets overwhelming but is always present. I should really like this series (it has everything that marks a series as wonderful for me), yet, there's just something about it that won't allow me to adore it as much as I should. One day I might even be able to figure out why.

However, I want fanfiction for this series. Good fanfiction.

And now, a few questions for those who have seen ALL of RahXephone.

It's sort of freaky to realise that practically everyone in RahXephone is related to each other. Something I'm still not sure about. Just who is Ayato and Itsuki's mother? Is it Quan, or Maya that contributed to their DNA?

From what I gather, Ayato is 'God' at the end of the series with the power to do 'anything'. All the following questions are based on this assumption, that is, the wold is 'remade' in Ayato's image of happiness.

Do you think when Ayato 'made' the world he brought everyone back? Going by logic, if Mamoru and Hiroko are back, then shouldn't Itsuki, or even Makoto get a second chance?

Do you think the baby is the real Quan? Same hair colour.

Do you think Ayato and Haruka are the same age? It's a bit hard to tell, Ayato is older, probably 28 (?) as he looks like Itsuki at the same age, and Haruka doesn't seem to be any older. I mean if there's still that 17 year difference wouldn't her hair be longer by now?

If so, does that mean everything that happened in 2018 (?, can't remember the exact time) didn't happen? Barbem didn't exist, and everyone who existed during the MU timeline is still present, except they are happy?

And finally, what happened to Ishitori? Is It still part of Ayato? Or has It returned to where it came from waiting for the birth of next Orin? Or has It disappeared completely when It completed Its reason for existence?

I have more questions, but I need time to internalise a few more ideas first. But yeah, beautiful series.


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Oct. 26th, 2003 05:05 am (UTC)
I wibble with love at this series. BUT people all called it a Evangelion duplicate. True, it might follow the same gist in terms of general plot advancement for Eva, but I find it very different.

And I don't like Haruka. For some odd reason, she irritates me to no end, loving story or not.

I can do the family tree. :D But I don't have enough time for that. It's either I do the family tree and sacrifice fanfiction writing time or I write fanfics. Which one do you want? :P


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