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SPN 502

  • Sep. 18th, 2009 at 7:17 PM
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The whole War concept is all sort of awesome. The idea that a whole town is killing each other through fear and not actual possession is just really creepy and a bit too believable. Dean giving up his amulet is just OMFG! NOOO! Though I'll laugh till I crack if Sam has been God all this time, like serious it will be hilarious. I like this Castiel, he feels so much anger, yet still driven by the belief that there is a God.

[I’m very curious about the pendant because it was meant to be for John, the Righteous Man that everyone thought was the one that would break the first seal, but somehow ended up with Dean, the true Righteous Man. Somehow Bobby got his hands on a piece of very important artifact by never knew the true value of it. Somehow, our Sam gave it to Dean instead of John, whom it was mean for. The question is; was the amulet meant for Dean always? And just how much of everyone’s actions did God or whoever end up controlling?]

I LOVE Ellen! I LOVE JO! I wish there was MORE JO!

But let’s get to the important bits; Sam and Dean. Oh, boys, you break my heart. Dean choosing to save everyone instead of Sam, Sam acknowledging that yeah, he likes the power demon blood provided him, and how the two of them are at such different points that they can’t feasibly work as a team. Sam choosing to leave, to get his head straight, and Dean letting Sam go. See, I love this because yes I’m ALL about the Epic Love Story of Sam and Dean but I’m also all about balance between the two of them, and you know, their relationship has never been equal. I think time apart, Sam coming into his own without demon blood, knowing that Dean is out there and kicking arse keeps him sane. I think Dean being on his own, (OK, with the aid of Castiel and the other rag-tag team) is a good thing. Dean needs to focus, need to take lead and plan for the next stage of the plan without constantly worrying about Sam and his addition to demon blood. Dean needs to know Sam is safe from Lucifer, demon blood and the end of the world shit, because yeah, Dean can’t trust Sam not to choose the easy road. But you know, this will only make them stronger, be able to operate and live on their own but realizing that they are better as a team, as a family, and they will be together again, and I think It can only be for the better.

I am so EXCITED! Except if this becomes the Dean and Castiel show I will be very ANGRY!

Also, Sam is the poster boy for War. Oh, Sam.

This was such a well written episode. I CANNOT believe Sera Gamble wrote it. Like really, really, really good. Also, Jared is so very awesome in this, like OMFG! I LOVES JARED PADALECKI! LOVES! The boy looks amazing, and I am forever amazed just how far Jared has become as this amazing actor.

Also – Oh, Sam.

Also, if you are a Sam-hater you can go and rot for all I care. My love for Sam is EPIC! Hell, my love for the Winchesters is unmeasurable.

ETA: Kripke so pulled out the whole Amulet is the God detector out of his ass. It is like the bloody thing has been around for over 4 years now, and while he wanted it to be important I don't think he ever figured out how till now. Oh, Kripke, you funny man.

Also, I'm still so over the moon at how good this episode actually is. Lot of the time I have to talk myself into excitment about this show, but man, this was such a solid and awesome episode.


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